"Look, America don’t give us a fuckin plan b man. America is not fuckin scheduled for us man. Yall niggas is bullshittin man. Yall niggas is fuckin playin games. The way this shit go is you supposed to fuckin go to high school, go to college, get out of college, make 30 thousand. After that they gonna take taxes. After taxes you down to 20 thousand. You gotta take 10% of that for your student loans that you been goin fuckin school, payin for. Now you down to fuckin 12 thousand a year. Your rent is fuckin 500 a month. Now you down to fuckin 5 thousand a year. You gotta eat, how you gonna get fresh?! THIS SHIT IS NOT SCHEDULED FOR US MAN."

Cam’Ron in Killa Season. (via kidduong)

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